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Dear Visitor,

In today’s world of economic uncertainties, the collection industry has been attempting to meet the challenges of an ever changing business community. Unfortunately, as the demand for advancements in technology and innovation increases, the majority of the credit and collections industry is not evolving to meet these new expectations.

At VeriCore we didn’t just embrace these changes, we demanded them. Our uncompromising standards and demands for perfection from our staff make us the industry leader in the 3 R’s of collections: Recovery, Reporting and Remittance.

While change is clearly shaping today’s business environment, VeriCore knows that our business philosophies will never change. Our core values of integrity, ethics and professionalism will always be clearly evident as we assist our clients with their receivable needs. In today’s ever changing global economy, you need a partner that can guide you through the pitfalls of determining which of your customers are clients and which are debtors. When you work with VeriCore you can expect to get straight forward solutions to even your most complex issues. Any agency can offer you collection services, at VeriCore we believe in offering you solutions.

Why are we the best? VeriCore embodies a philosophy of autonomy and accountability. Our employees are given the training and support that allows them to achieve the highest levels of performance. We then provide them with an environment that fosters creativity and independence. This combination has allowed VeriCore to develop a team that is bright, capable and prepared for any and all challenges that they are presented with. Mix this philosophy with distaste for mediocrity and what you get is a group of winners that take great pride in their profession. The VeriCore management team creates processes and systems that make every employee accountable for their actions and their performance. Isn’t this the type of business you want working for you?

At VeriCore we focus on being the best at all three phases of the collection process; Recovery, Reporting, and Remittance. It is our relentless pursuit for perfection in these three areas that make us the industry pace setter. Our collection staff, their abilities and the systems they use are second to none. Our technology platforms make VeriCore almost seamless when it comes to integrating our reports and our results into your in-house processes. Our philosophies towards re-inventing the client/agency relationship means that we will be more flexible, more innovative and more timely when it comes to getting your money back to you where it belongs.

We appreciate your interest in VeriCore and invite you to explore our website for more information about our company and our business practices. I certainly hope we can earn the right to become a partner in your receivable solutions.

Warmest Regards,


Tim Sanderson
President and CEO

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