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Three R's of Commercial Collection
Recovery International Collections

Although International collections will never be as simple as domestic collections, the main concepts are the same: Use local people wherever the debtor is; apply local pressure from nearby sources; and perform relentless follow up. Whether your debtor is across the street or across the planet, VeriCore will meet your collection needs.

Worldwide collections requires specialized tools

  • Access 24/7 to 130 languages via interpreters
  • Worldwide Government Directories
  • Flexible hours for International accounts
  • The ability to register complaints with the US Embassy
  • Highly Skilled Network of International Attorneys
  • The ability to report companies to the Commerce and Trade Division of the US Government

While the concepts may be the same, the tools required to perform worldwide collections are dramatically different. VeriCore, LLC has an international collections department that is the best in the business and has provided it with all the specialized tools required to effectively pursue your money.


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