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Three R's of Commercial Collection
Recovery Legal Forwarding

Comprehensive investigation prior to making legal recommendations
The primary focus of VeriCore is to collect your money without the time and expense of the legal process. Most agencies try to collect the easy ones and recommend that you sue the tough ones. What they fail to tell you is whether or not the debtor is worth legal action! The reason is…they have not done the in-depth analysis and investigation to make an impartial recommendation.

No Legal Management Fees
At VeriCore, we are committed to making sure that our clients do not “throw good money after bad”. We do not charge a management fee to take an account through the legal process. Our key concern is seeing you recover your money. Therefore, only viable candidates for legal action receive a recommendation for suit.

Reduced Legal Costs
Because it’s your money, you shouldn’t have to pay any more than necessary in order to sue your debtor. Based on our years of experience, we estimate the lowest costs possible to take your case all the way through one execution. You only pay for filing fees, service fees, execution costs, etc. At the conclusion of the file, if there is any money left over, you get it back!

Network of Collection Attorneys
We have access to a network of the finest collection attorneys available. Each of the attorneys in our network has been chosen based on our exacting criteria. Because of our experience and relationships, our attorneys work strictly on a contingency basis. This not only provides the lowest cost to you, but also insures they have the highest incentive to not only obtain a judgment, but to collect your money.

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