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Three R's of Commercial Collection
Recovery Rates

YOU shouldn't have to pay a collection agency just because your customer broke their credit terms. Your debtors should pay those costs whenever possible!

By leveraging our national licensing compliance with our in-depth knowledge of individual state laws, we are able to pass on, in most cases, our collection costs to the debtors. When we are successful, which is shockingly often, our clients pay ZERO for our collection service.

Our rates vary based on volume, size, and age of your accounts and overall we can deliver to you a much lower effective rate than you might expect. Not because we spend less, but because we spend more! Our rates are 100% contingent and we are so confident that VeriCore will be the best agency you have ever worked with that we never require you to sign any sort of contract for services.

We have numerous clients that have received 5, 10, 15, 20 and even 25 or more free collections each year, so ask your VeriCore representative today for a price quote and a further explanation of our ZERO fee program if you need more details.

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