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Three R's of Commercial Collection
Recovery Management Team

Why is VeriCore the best? Our management staff provides employees with the training and support necessary to allow them to achieve the highest levels of performance. We then provide them with an environment that fosters creativity and independence. It is this combination that has allowed VeriCore to develop a team that is bright, capable and prepared for any and all challenges that they are presented with. The VeriCore management team creates processes and systems that make every employee accountable for their actions and their performance. Isn’t this the type of business you want working for you?

VeriCore embodies a philosophy of autonomy and accountability. We hold our employees to the highest standards in the industry. From support staff personnel to salespeople, from clerical to collectors, VeriCore drives our people to perform above what even they think is possible. This philosophy has instilled the belief in all of our employees that anything less than 100% success is not an acceptable option.

Because of this, we offer the most lucrative compensation packages in the industry. We give our employees the best tools, the best training, the highest goals, and the richest rewards. Coupled with this, our managers constantly review the performance and expertise of our employees through skill work, producer reports, and training sessions. VeriCore employees are among the most sought after professionals in the collections industry.

At VeriCore, we are committed to providing our employees with the in-depth training necessary to excel. Not only do our producers receive constant classroom training, they are tested in each phase of the business prior to ever contacting our debtors or clients. However, the training does not stop there.

Every day at VeriCore begins with a training focus. Both collectors and salespeople are taught to follow a flow chart of action when faced with almost any situation. These flow charts are the backbone of how decisions and solutions are created.

Training will focus on skill work, activity, VeriCore philosophy, the most effective use of our technological tools, or a wide variety of industry developments. Our employees are trained in diverse areas and industries so that they have the deepest understanding of our client’s unique circumstances.

Our managers are always promoted from within as they must prove themselves at every level prior to assuming leadership roles. This concept of only promoting from within our organization gives managers the credibility of having succeeded using the VeriCore Method. This, in turn motivates their staff members to reach our high levels of expectations.

The ongoing training given by our managers includes the review of training calls, adherence to work standards and the sharing of their experience. VeriCore embraces the concept of teaming veteran producers with newer employees to promote our philosophy of accountability and achievement.

VeriCore has designed management reports that allow our managers to review not just the results of our producers, but the methods, the trends and the smallest details in an effort to uncover respective deficiencies. This consistent examination of not just where we are but how we got there allows us to identify the processes that lead to superior results.

Our state of the art reports provide feedback on the activity of our employees, and allows us to design programs to maximize the potential of every individual. We create an environment and culture that encourages employees to take a clinical look at how their results can be improved by an increased awareness of concepts such as time-management, personal accountability, innovation, and commitment.

Our approach is simple. Hire the best, give them the best training, superior tools, hold them accountable to the highest standards, and reward them generously when they excel. We believe our veteran staff is partially responsible to promote our philosophy, culture, high standards and accountability. We always promote from within and believe that 99.9% success is simply not good enough.

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