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Three R's of Commercial Collection
Reporting Daily Transactions

Our ClientLink website gives you 24/7 access for all your accounting needs.

ClientLink allows you to view and download the full history of all funds collected on your accounts, including the anticipated process dates for getting your money in your hands.  You can also view and download all statements we have sent to you.

               Want to take a test drive of ClientLink and see for yourself? 

     Click here and then enter Client#: 21345     User ID: guest     Password: vericore

Daily email notification of all accounting activity delivered automatically via the Internet.

Imagine an agency that automatically notifies you of every single accounting transaction on a DAILY basis. Not only that, but one that encourages you to call us if you have any questions or see a problem. We don’t want to wait to know that you have a concern; we want to address it right away.

VeriCore Daily Transaction Reports:

View Sample Daily Transaction ReportThis is not an invoice, but rather a method for us to partner with your credit department. The Daily Transaction report allows you to accurately forecast the funds we will be sending you so that you can put them back to use in your business.

Our system is set up so that every client receives notification via fax or email any time there is payment activity on their accounts. If you would prefer different notification options, we will be happy to oblige. Please contact your sales representative for any custom update parameters you would prefer.

View Sample Daily Transaction Report

VeriCore Daily Transaction Excel Spreadsheet:

Download Sample Excel Spreadsheet

In addition to our Daily Transaction reports, we also provide Excel spreadsheets containing the raw data, enabling you to import the information into your computer system as well as to create your own analysis to suit your needs.

Information Contained in the VeriCore Excel Spreadsheets:

  • Your Account number for the debtor
  • Debtor name
  • Transaction Date
  • Dollar Amount
  • Agency Fee
  • Contingency Rate
Download Sample Excel Spreadsheet

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