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Three R's of Commercial Collection
Reporting Excel Spreadsheets

Our ClientLink website provides you the raw data to allow you to manipulate your reports in any manner you desire.

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As a departure from traditional collection agency status reports, VeriCore doesn’t just provide our clients with a piece of paper updating you on the status of your debtors.

Download Sample Excel Spreadsheet

In addition to our in-depth and graphical status reports, we also provide downloadable Excel spreadsheets that enable you to import the information into your computer system as well as to create your own analysis to suit your needs. This is all the same information used to generate our customized reports, so you can feel confident that no “back office” manipulation of figures is going on.

Included in the Excel spreadsheet is every Customized Reporting graph that is available on the ClientLink website. The graphs are linked to the raw data, so that as you manipulate the information, the graphs automatically adjust to reflect the changes you have made.

Download Sample Excel Spreadsheet

Information Contained in the VeriCore ClientLink Excel Spreadsheets:

  • Your Account number for the debtor
  • Debtor name
  • Assigned Date
  • Assigned Amount
  • Amount Paid
  • Present Balance
  • Date of Last payment
  • Date Closed
  • Status Description, code & class
  • Date of last sale by you
  • City & State
  • Customizable Fields
    • Region/territory
    • Branch
    • Your in-house collector
  • Financial information used to generate all graphs
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